Froggy Potty Trainer

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New Parents are going crazy over these!!!

It is so cute and fun that your kiddos cannot resist running to try it!

A fun and simple way to simplify potty training.

  • Fun spinning aiming target- makes them practice in a fun way!
  • Quickly develop a habit- it's cute and attracts them like a magnet
  • Better access than a regular toilet- install at appropriate height for your child
  • Easy was to empty and clean- removable bucket that even a kid can empty

This is the perfect way for helping your little one become potty trained!

This is a true "no-brainer" and perfect add-on to your parenting arsenal.

Material: Non-toxic and environment-friendly

Dimensions: 11.2 inches height x 8.2 inches wide x 6.7 inches deep

Package includes: 1 Two piece frog urinal & 2 suction cups

Hurry and order yours now while they are in stock and on sale!

*Due to shipping delays and high demand, please be notified this product will be processed and shipped within 20 days.